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The Shelter Cove Club House and Golf Course

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       Shelter Cove Golf Course starts with the club house at the south end of the run way and surrounds the air strip. With the natural hazards intact and the 110-slope rating the course is a challenge any golfer would enjoy. The distant between holes is as short as 135 yards, to a whopping 477 yards. The links overall has a par 33 for the 9 holes. It is in a most pleasant central area to the Cove. It was designed by Larry Hughs, who designed many courses in the bay area and the desert. You'll find it difficult to concentrate on your game, because of the spectacular views around you. Who knows maybe you'll see a whale.  Always prepare for the cooler weather and breezes, even on the hottest day. The temperature may get up in the 100's in other parts of California and the valleys. But here at the Cove the weather will be in the low 80's, tops; but can drop off suddenly to the 60's when a leg of fog covers the sun or a strong ocean breeze pushes the mercury down to the 70's.  Bring lots of balls, as the "rough" eats balls for breakfast. "Fly in" walk the 50 to 100 yards from the plane to the club house, pick up a cart, play a round of nine or eighteen holes, walk back to your plane and be home for lunch or dinner. Or you could stay over, walking to your lodging and to dinner right here.  clubhousesign11.jpg (16205 bytes)
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